Our strength in UTM Dredging Limited is derived from providing a total package from start-to-finish services for a complete project, going from initial planning through design, construction, start-up, operation, and maintenance, to perhaps outage/shutdown.

DREDGING SERVICES: Hydraulic water channel maintenance, shores consolidation, land reclamation, etc.

UTM Dredging Limited  has for some time now successfully pioneered new standard by offering specialized turnkey packages for any type of marine transportation movement viz: Rig move and deployment logistics through the application of a broad range of effective innovations in Marine Logistics Support, Dredging, Inland Water Way Ferry Services, Charter, Equipment Leasing / Rental, Marine Vessels Procurement / Supply, Offshore Operation Supports, Petroleum Products Supply, General Labor provider and Management solution to meet world standard and of our client’s needs all over. This is done diligently in conjunction with our allied partners both local and international.

Furthermore, our access and ability to operate Tugboat and Barges enables us to provide for Storage, Loading, Securing, Off-loading and Cargo Placement to complete any waterborne movement. We also transport drilling materials, supplies, and crews and provide support for construction, installation, maintenance and removal of offshore facilities and for well servicing and sub-sea construction.

UTM Dredging Limited supply, maintain and operates a large fleet of diverse and specialized oil field equipment and devices of all types which includes but not limited to ocean and inland service barges, house boat, tug boat, crew boat, utility boat, supply boat, work boat through our allied partners. These services are available for short and long term charters at competitive rates.

Since the inception of UTM Dredging Limited, our influence in integrating procurement has grown beyond mediocrity. Besides, with our eyes focused on quality diversification and transparent transaction, our customers have remained glued to our irresistible performance.

Presently, we are Agents to a number of American, British and European Companies through our allied partners in the importation of Generators and Fire Extinguishers. In order to facilitate our ability to perform all the aforementioned services and projects, we retain a staff of highly qualified Administrators, Engineers, Estimators, Project Managers, Superintendents, Equipment Operators, Security & Safety Officers. These individuals have had many years of hand – on experience in multi-disciplined projects, both domestic and foreign. Our contained exposures to the domestic and foreign markets ensure that our expertise is maintained at a state of the art level within the industry.

Furthermore, UTM Dredging Limited, a corporate office with ample space for open air storage of sensitive marine equipment and items. With adequate security personnel, our office complex is linked with other and government security agents backed by a strong IT infrastructure which supports a 24-hour access to security network information via our intranet and the internet facilities. Our equipment base remains one of the best in the country and is such that we are able to meet the challenges of our projects no matter their size, location or terrain.

UTM Dredging Limited also undertakes the Construction of Marine Vessels with specialty to Inland Waterway and Water related projects such as: Well Analyses, Assessment, Planning of Well Development and Regeneration, Well Rehabilitation, Operational Planning, Organization and realization of better Well Performance, Development and Adapting of Specialized Equipment for Well Treatment, Related Projects, Structural Engineering, Electrical and Metal Fabrication, Export Facility Installation, Onshore and Offshore Production etc.

The Construction Unit undertakes typical land and marine construction projects such as:-

Well Development, Treatment and Rehabilitation
Piers, Wharves, and Bulkheads
Specialized Ship Mooring System
Jetties Construction
Offshore platforms
Sub-aqueous Piles
Marine Demolition and Harbor clean up
Barge and House Boat Construction / Maintenance
Tugboat, Crew / Utility Boat and Supply Boat Maintenance
Offshore and On Land / Swamp Pipe Laying

EXPLORATION SERVICES: Exploration Data gathering and acquisition, Topographic and geodetic surveys, supply of seismic materials and explosives, etc.

QA/QC (HSSE): In UTM Dredging Limited, the function of Quality Management exists and shall be seen to exist throughout our organization to the degree necessary to ensure that the acceptance and performance criteria of our services, not only meet statutory quality demands but that which strives to surpass those demands.

UTM Dredging Limited adopts the zero LTI philosophy with respect to Health, Safety, Security and Environment, continuously working to reduce risks and hazard to the environment and the employees’ health and safety. This implies that all employees are required to use the time necessary to plan and perform tasks in a safe and efficient manner. The above policy statement is supported by a system for continuous improvement which sweeps across every facet of the company business and all our employees understand, appreciate as well as conform to the continuing commitment to quality, health, safety, security and environment